What is the right weed THC dose for you?

Feb 14, 2020

One gram, two grams, or three grams? Is this enough weed for me? Or Should I buy some more from an online weed store? Deciding the amount of THC that could be perfect for you is something of a calculative decision.

As someone who loves weed, we have all experienced bad trips that come with the consumption of way too much weed. One minute everything is perfect and you are all chilled out, while the next minute you are trying to hold on to the floor and trying not to fall down. While on paper, this experience might seem a bit amazing; it really isn’t. You might get all panicky and even tumble down.

However, setting up a date with Mary Jane with the help of an online weed store shouldn’t be such a big mess. Regardless of the way you consume the marijuana or weed plant, you can get just the right amount of THC in your system.

Before we break things down for you, let us understand the way marijuana can be measured & its regular dosage.

How is THC in Marijuana measured?

The basic unit for the measurement of marijuana is the gram. So, you might wonder if you can just get into a marijuana dispensary and ask for 5 grams of the finest variant of Sour Diesel. But, unfortunately, things aren’t as simple as they might seem.

While some places follow the metric system, the others might stick to the imperial system. Depending on the number of joints you might want to make, you might need a gram or two. Say for three joints; you might need a minimum of 2 grams of cannabis. So, when you order from an online weed store, make sure you understand the measuring system involved here.

The measurement standards here are:

  • 1 gram = 1 gram
  • 3.5 Grams = 1/8 Ounce
  • 7 Grams = ¼ Ounce
  • 14 Grams = ½ Ounce
  • 28 Grams = 1 Ounce
  • 448 Grams = 1 Pound

Defining THC Dosage

As per the dictionary, a dose is defined as the total quantity of any substance recommended or taken at a single go. The problem with measuring the perfect cannabis dosage is the fact that it mostly depends on the unique differences that are present within your brain, circulatory system, or metabolism.

Plus, another thing you need to consider when making a purchase from an online weed store is the difference in the marijuana strains. The concentration of the THC can vary depending on the harvest as well. Just because one could handle a complete joint from last year’s harvest, doesn’t mean you can stand the same for this year as well.

So, what is the right THC dosage for you?

Deciding the perfect THC dose can be unique to each individual. Something that works for you doesn’t mean the same will work for others as well.

When deciding the right THC amount for you, the key is experimentation. When you do so, you have to record the variables such as:

  • Your Current Weight
  • Last two Meals Before Consumption of THC
  • Your Feeling Before Consumption of Weed
  • The Total THC Amount Consumed by You
  • Your Feeling After Consumption of Weed
  • Anything else that you believe might have affected the experience

While keeping these elements in mind, you need to tweak each aspect to ensure you find the perfect combination. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Was your experience better with the consumption of fatty food items such as olive oil, nuts, cake, or so?
  • Or, was it better after you consumed a leaf-rich meal before consumption of the cannabis?

As you keep changing one variable as you go, things will be easier and more accurate in terms of number or ratio. This, in progress, will only enhance your overall experience and help you decide the perfect amount of THC that can be combined with your daily activities.

Variables That Might Affect Your THC Dosage

A range of variables might affect the way a certain dose of THC affects your body. Factors such as the product quality and its cannabinoid concentration top the list here.

Other factors that come into play here include:

  • Reason to consume THC
  • Your diet pattern
  • Your existing weight
  • Tolerance to the THC compound
  • Metabolism of the user

As these factors vary, the overall THC dosage you need can keep changing. If you happen to lose weight, your need for THC might go down, and you will need a smaller dosage. On the other hand, if you happen to gain weight or there is a change in appetite, you might have to increase the total THC to get a good high. So, keep this in mind before you opt for the purchase of marijuana through an online weed store.

Recommended Dosage with Marijuana Consumption Variants

  • Bongs, Joints, and Blunts:

All these methods of consuming marijuana involve the use of dried buds. This is why they have been categorized under the same group. So, how much of the dried bud can be enough for you?

If you are a fresh starter, it is recommended that you go for 0.25 grams. This is about half of the regular joint. The effects of the consumption of marijuana are almost instantaneous. In short, you might not have to standby for long in order to see things going into your brain.

Now, if the ride is enjoyable but isn’t what you thought it would be, you can obviously dose up and go for 0.25 grams extra. This makes your total 0.5 grams. In most new users, with this dosage, you can surely experience a good high for your purchase from an online weed store.

  • Vaporizers:

Vape pens tend to use low temperature as compared to the drier version to vaporize the concentrated variant of THC liquid. This conversion takes place with no burning process involved. This means the thing can be healthier for the lungs & won’t destroy its beneficial terpene content as smoking does.

With the vaporizers, you cannot actually estimate the total amount of THC getting into the body. This is due to the fact that concentrated variant of THC liquid can be more potent as compared to dried buds. So, you will obviously need fewer hits as compared to smoking.

  • Edibles:

Edibles are also an easy option to send in THC to the body. The recommended start-up dosage for cannabis edibles is 0.1 grams. However, you should always start with a significantly lower dosage of 0.05 grams.

Given the fact that the effects of edible marijuana show up late, you might have to wait around to see whether a certain dose works. As a standard procedure, you need to wait a minimum of 60-120 minutes before the effects of cannabis start pouring in.

  • Tinctures:

A tincture is actually the concentrated form of cannabis which is administered with the help of a dropper and placed underneath the tongue. The tinctures shouldn’t be swallowed. Instead, they have been designed to be absorbed within the bloodstream via the veins that are located below the tongue.

  • Cannabis Oil:

If you are looking for a potent variant of marijuana, the cannabis oil is one available option for you. Cannabis oil can also be measured as drops in a way similar to tincture. However, some of the users tend to measure the same in grams/day.


With THC dosage, the key is to go slow and increase the dosage depending on how high you get. If you keep up to this simple commandment, you are sure to enjoy all your adventures with cannabis. But, the quality of marijuana here matters a lot. So, make sure you purchase from an online weed store that is known for selling the highest quality strains.

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