Scotti Cake

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T.H.C 28%
INDICA 50%/ Sativa 50%
Scotties Cake strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its sweet and fruity aroma, with hints of vanilla and cream. It is made by crossing Biscotti, Gelato 41 and Animal Mints BX1. This strain is known to have a relaxing and euphoric effect, making it a great choice for those looking to unwind after a long day. It is also known to help with stress, anxiety and pain relief. Scotties Cake has a high THC content, typically around 28% making it a good choice for experienced cannabis users. With its delicious taste and potent effects, Scotties Cake is a perfect strain for those who enjoy a sweet and relaxing experience.
Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Migraines, Stress
Effects: Scotties Cake is known to provide a relaxing and euphoric effect on users, making it a great choice for unwinding after a long day. It can help to alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain. Some users may experience a boost in creativity and focus. Its high THC content can also cause dry mouth and eyes, and in high doses, it may cause dizziness or paranoia. Overall, Scotties Cake is a balanced strain that can provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
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