Is Weed the Ultimate Hangover Remedy?

Feb 26, 2020

Most of us have experienced the unpleasantries that follow a night of too much drinking. The pounding headache and severe nausea are enough to make most people pledge to never drink again. But if it does happen again and you’re in need of a quick remedy, consider treating your hangover with a good wake and bake session.

Humans happen to be very complex organisms. Alcohol is nothing more than poison to our bodies. But we have a defense mechanism in place to filter out harmful toxins: our liver. The liver needs to work much harder than normal to filter out all the harmful toxins from a night of heavy drinking, causing blood sugar to drop to potentially dangerous levels. Alcohol also dehydrates the body and lowers electrolytes, leading to those infamous hangover headaches.

People often joke about going out drinking and how they plan to “kill some brain cells.” That’s not just an old wive’s tale. Alcohol actually does kill the brain and other nerve cells. It’s called neurodegeneration, and it’s not to be taken lightly. Neurodegeneration is irreversible and can cause serious brain damage.

Luckily, many studies have suggested that marijuana is not just effective at treating headaches, it can also help to regulate blood sugar and protect the liver and brain from long-term damage caused by alcohol toxicity. In a famous study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky, lab mice were injected with enough alcohol to cause life-threatening seizures. The study determined that the application of cannabinoids reduced alcohol-related liver damage and neurodegeneration by nearly 50 percent!

While this is definitely promising news, it doesn’t mean that it’s ok to go out and binge in celebration of the wonders of THC. However, it’s good to know that a little bit of bud could be just what you need to feel better after an occasional night of partying.

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