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Jun 7, 2021

High-grade weed effects vary depending on the intended characteristics of the cannabis. When you grow your own cannabis the effects of the final product will vary depending on what the strain is. For example, if you are growing Indica seeds, the effects of the bud should be pretty different from the weed grown from Sativa seeds.

There is a very significantly big difference between high-quality and low-quality weed. The quality of weed and potency of marijuana is determined by how it is grown, harvested, dried, handled, packaged, and stored.

When someone is referring to high-grade weed, they mean top-shelf varieties that have been handled with care and have the potent effects that are the hallmark of quality.

We will discuss what the high-grade weed effects are and probably even point you in the direction of some.

What are the Qualities of High-Grade Pot?

If you hear the phase high-grade weed, the first thought that might rush to your mind is a beautiful, dank, potent bud. Over time, a lot has been put into developing quality cannabis strains but dank is a characteristic that holds true.

As a general rule, the dankier the weed the better its quality.

Some names that have been used to refer to high-grade weed are; Dank(as we have discussed), Quads or AAAA, Primo, Loud, Top-shelf, Top colas, Primo, Kill, Fire, and Flame.

 What are the Characteristics of High-Grade Weed?

·Appearance: Top-shelf weed is usually a magnificent sight to behold. Its buds usually have an abundance of trichomes that appear to be sparkling with a fine covering blanket of “white dust” and a sprinkling of fine hairs.

·Fresh, potent weed is normally a vibrant shade of green that often has hues of purple, blue, orange, or red. The color your high grade bud should never be is brown!

High Grade Weed

·Brown weed signifies oxidization and its resulting breakdown of terpenes, cannabinoids and other vital chemical compounds. As you store cannabis and it ages (particularly as it gets exposed to oxygen), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) breaks down into cannabinol (CBN). This is a compound which in its own right has several health benefits, but is non-psychoactive, unlike THC. If you take oxidized weed, you’re more likely to get drowsy rather than stoned.

·Brown is also hard to smoke as it burns too fast and has harsher smokes that could lead to intense coughing bouts.

· Feel: Top-shelf, dank weed will definitely be potent with a capital P! The effects of high grade weed are likely to hit hard and last long. This is because of their careful breeding which capitalizes on high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes as well as its handling that leaves it almost fresh and very powerful.

·Aroma: High grade weed is what you call “Loud weed”. If you are smoking indoors, expect the smell to fill the room with it pungent aroma. The “loud” aroma will be evident even through the packaging.

·Don’t smoke weed that smells like grass or like hay, has little or no aroma or worse still, and smells damp or moldy. Cannabis that has traces to no aroma has most likely oxidized and therefore not potent and of low quality.

·Taste: You would expect rich taste from high grade weed. Whether it has spicy components, zingy lemon zest or simply full earthy flavors, the taste will be vibrant, full, and fresh. If your weed tastes metallic or like chemicals, it most likely has pesticides and other contaminants and is therefore not good for you. Foul tasting weed may be a sign of mildew growth or mold and could lead to chest pains and damage to your lungs.

·THC Levels: High quality cannabis is usually potent, this means it has THC levels ranging from 25-35%. As mentioned before, this is usually as a result of carefully breeding strains that will have this quality.

·Price tag: As you would expect, high grade weed usually attracts a hefty price tag.

High-Grade Weed Effects

Now that we know the characteristics of high-quality weed, let’s look at the effects it might have on you.

We have to mention first that the effects of high-grade weed are largely dependent on the strain and its composition as well as on an individual’s tolerance. We will however give a general description of the effects mostly experienced.

Because of its high THC content, high grade weed takes hold quickly, often revealing its effects even before the smoker has fully comprehended its rich taste and aromas. The high may initially manifest as a pressure around the eyes and temples; this tingle soon spreads down through the neck and core.

The psychoactive effects of high Grade weed strains are so powerful, they can seem overwhelming at times. The tingling in your body will after some time be accompanied by a flood of euphoria that calms you and makes you feel relaxed, both physically and mentally.

This feeling of almost happily floating lasts almost throughout the entire high, which could make it very difficult to work through intricate thoughts or focus on tasks long term.

Some people want to sit on the couch and let their thoughts wander freely while others increase sharper focus and creativity. It all depends on the exact strain and its effects on an individual.

Because of the stoner and sometimes sedative effects that high grade marijuana may have, it is best enjoyed at home or at a comfortable place with familiar people.  During the latter part of the high, one might be overcome by intense feelings of hunger and sleep.

Due the high THC levels of high grade weed, you might experience the following side effects:

·        Headaches

·        Dry eyes and a cottony mouth

·        Anxiety

·        Paranoia

How Long Will High-Grade Weed Effects Last?

Several factors determine how long your high will last, but the primary drivers are the potency of the exact strain you take and the method of consumption. Your own biological make-up and tolerance also plays a role.

For high Grade weed, you can expect the effects to last from a couple of hours or sometimes even into the next day.

In smoking and vaping high grade weed, you are likely to feel the effects almost immediately, Because of the high potency of most top notch weed; the effects typically last from a few hours even up to a full day. The effects of vaping are of course felt sooner and are more intense.

Cannabis edibles are another different story. Because they have to be digested and absorbed through the liver, they will typically take 30 minutes to two hours for the effects to be felt. If you take high grade pot in edibles, be prepared to get zoned out for a very long time.

Dabbing concentrates also leads to almost immediate effects which can last from a few hours to an entire day depending on the potency and your individual tolerance.

Is Higher THC Better?

The common belief is that the higher the concentration of THC is, the higher you will get. This is not always the case.

Does that surprise you?

This is because THC is not the only factor that contributes to the overall effects of a flower. Sometimes, it is not even a reliable indicator of what you will feel. It might shock you to find some very hard-hitting strains that only have 10-15% THC while higher scoring ones might have less of an effect.

High Grade High THC Weed

So, if THC is not the ultimate predictor of a strains’ potency, what is?

The answer is a complex mix of what the cannabis plant contains. Cannabinoids such as THC are just one part of the equation that form the whole effect. In fact, if you had different varieties of weed that had the exact same THC content, you would find that they are very unlikely to inspire the same effects.

The different components found in cannabis affect how the present THC interacts with your brain, which results in very diverse and varied highs.

We are not saying that THC percentage does not matter; in fact, it does very much. That said other factors also affect the ultimate effects of the strain synergistically. Some of these factors are:

Cannabinoids: Though THC is known to produce the classic psychoactive high, many other cannabinoids that have different degrees of psychoactivity can change how THC ultimately reacts with your brain.

This is very apparent in the effect CBD has on the THC’s negative effects. People who cannot tolerate high amounts of THC often tale a strain with a more balanced THC: CBD ratio. The CBD in this combination evens out some of the effects of the THC, making for a much better experience.

In the same breadth, someone taking the same product with a decreased amount of CBD will have a more intense high.

Terpenes: Terpenes are other compounds that play a very important role in the determination of the effects of your strain. Terpenes are molecules that typically give a plant its characteristic flavor and aroma. They also contain a host of other properties, some of them very beneficial.

Each strain has its own mix of terpenes which interacts with other cannabis compounds in a synergy called “the entourage effect”. Some distinctive effects of a strain are reliant on the terpenes more than the THC levels such as pinene and limonene which can elevate mood, increase memory retention, improve alertness, and potentiate other THC properties. Conversely, terpenes such as myrcene and linalool promote relaxation, relieve stress, and even cause sedation, sometimes to the point of “couch-lock”.

Terpenes cannot be ignored when you are looking for a specific feeling from your weed.

What is a High THC Level?

Many weed lovers are curious about what is considered to be a high amount of THC in their weed. With the recent buzz about “30%+ THC strains” you would be very surprised that most high THC strains contain roughly 18.4% THC. Much lower than you thought, right?

A quick survey of cannabis strains that are considered to be quite potent with high THC that you are likely to find at your local dispensary rarely get to 20%. Strains such as, which are considered to be very potent only contain 23% THC.

So, while you might be forgiven for thinking that 30% THC strains are a dollar a dime, they really aren’t. These are usually specially crafted strains that are often sold for top-dollar. Perhaps with time and as more strains reach this threshold they will become more available and at a fairer rate, but for now, it is more likely than not that you will not routinely encounter them.

Because of the hyper craze, many growers and dispensaries have made fake claims on the potency of their strains while in fact what they actually sold was far less potent.

In summary, cannabis with THC levels above 25% is a rarity. Strains that claim to have 25-30% THC exist, but they should be taken with some scientism. Very fine cannabis of high quality can cloak in at 25-30% but to answer the question of what would generally be considered to be a high THC content in regular marijuana, we’d have to say 20%.

Good THC Level Weed

Weed consumers are very often misled into thinking weed that has less than 25% is mild. This could not be further from the truth.

As we have discussed, most strains of weed that have 16% THC are actually quite potent and can have very strong psychoactive effects. This is in part because of the entourage effect of other cannabinoids and terpenes as we per our earlier discussion, but also because on its own, an average of 16% is actually quite considerable.

That said, what would be a good THC level for one user might be totally inadequate for another and vice versa, It is therefore imperative that you set out on a journey to find out what strain suits you best, in both potency, effect, and experience.

Is High THC Good for a Beginner

As we mentioned earlier, the highest THC strains craze has taken the marijuana industry by storm. Potent THC strains are becoming the target for breeders with luxury cannabis generally having this attribute.

It would appear that THC percentage is currently king.

Smoking High Grade Weed

It is however important to note that though it is all the rage, it is still highly potent and not suited for beginners. The effects of strains that have high THC can leave even an experienced user stoned and disoriented for long hours or even a day or two. It is therefore advisable to tread slowly and ensure you can handle it before you go full throttle.

The Final Word on High-Grade Weed Effects

The effects of high-grade weed are certainly worth the trip. Due to their careful cultivation and high THC content, they are bound to send you straight to the moon. Typically, you will feel a high that will start in your head and bubble to the rest of your body, right down to the tips of your toes. It inspires a slow burn that hits you like a ton of bricks. High-grade weed is certainly worth the hype. Grab yourself some, won’t you?

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