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Sep 20, 2020

Trustworthy Cannabis Edibles Toronto Delivery

Order now and have your edibles delivery in Toronto to your door in 1-3 hours.

Pot brownies have been one of the most infamous ways to consume marijuana. Why infamous? Because typically when you see a “magic cookie” on a plate at a party, you don’t know if it’s going to provide a light pleasant buzz, or staple you to the floor for hours contemplating your mortality.

Fortunately, in the era of legal cannabis, you can get predictable pot cookies. And a whole range of other edibles. Ganja-infused gummies, chews, mints, lollipops, popsicles. Cookies, brownies, s’ mores, bars suffused with quality weed. Oils, powders, and syrups to supplement cooking.

Start Low

All of these products have now been formulated, prepared, tested, and packaged with specific dosages, described in milligrams (mg). Generally 2.5mg is the lowest level in a single prepared edible. “Microdose” products are sold in the 2.5mg-5mg range – these are generally a safe starting level.

Legal limits in many states effect the maximum dose size and the maximum number of doses in a package. In California, 10mg is the maximum dose-size, and 100mg is the most THC you can package in an edible.

Before those recreational limits, medical cannabis edibles could hit 1,000mg per package or higher. Those edibles serve people managing serious chronic pain and personal health challenges.

Go Slow

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd visited a newly legal cannabis state and didn’t have a good time. Edibles can be too much for a few hours! But Viola Selby had a fine time on some microdose mints – she went slow and gentle to learn what she liked.

Cannabis Edibles Delivery Toronto

Our line-up sets up starters with microdose or bite-sized goodies. Warm your heart with chocolate bars with tightly dosed, lab-tested, and pure chocolate. Grab a pack of gummies and have it delivered to your door. cannaweedgta.com will keep your tastebuds happy.

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