Can My Weed Go Bad? Everything You Must Know About Weed Perishability

Feb 12, 2020

One question asked by most of our clients and customers at Canna Weed GTA is whether weed can go bad. Honestly speaking, our weed doesn’t sit as long so that it might go bad. Our product is always of the highest quality, which ensures that weed sold by us never goes into the bin or reject-box. Plus, with our same day weed delivery, North York, services, we ensure that the customers get their delivery as fresh as they come.

But, this seriously is a legitimate issue or rather a question for weed lovers to know more about!

With years of dealing with weed and its associated products, we have made sure that there is no fact or issue that remains hidden from us. We ensure best practices for preserving marijuana that lasts long for our customers to use. So, if you are looking for same-day weed delivery, Scarborough, make sure you give us a quick text today!

In this particular article, we will list down all possible reasons that could lead to your precious weed going bad. We will help you decide whether that joint you found hidden in your old pants from 2 years back is actually worth being smoked or not.

So, without any delay, let’s get into this and decode how or why your weed could go bad!

Can my weed go bad?

Whenever people ask this question, “can my weed or weed product go bad?” they are usually enquiring if the product might make them sick similar to the consumption of bad food or rotten fruit.

Now, the answer to this question isn’t as simple as you would want it to be. The thing completely depends on the way and pattern in which the weed has actually gone bad.

If your weed has simply aged, it might be safe for consumption and potentially harmless. However, this doesn’t mean that the taste and experience will be like a fresh batch. It might make you want to throw up or the experience won’t be as potent as you would want it to be.

Marijuana that has aged tends to be harsh on your respiratory system. It can lead to intense coughing along with a burning sensation within the throat. This is why you should always check your marijuana product when going for fast weed delivery, in Toronto.

The Mold Story

The worst and potentially hazardous way for weed to go bad is by catching a mold infection. Marijuana plants infected with mold when consumed can lead to rather serious problems associated with your health. It is critical that you check your bud delivered through same day weed delivery, GTA, for any presence of mold. If you find any such hint, make sure you ask for a quick replacement with a fresh one.

When checking for the presence of mold in your weed packet, there are two variants that you might encounter:

  • Aspergillus
  • Botrytis Cinerea (Bud Rot)

While you surely need to avoid both these molds, the bud rot isn’t as harmful as the Aspergillus when it comes to health issues.

In general, bud rot present in marijuana can lead to health ailments such as lung damage. On the other hand, if your bud is affected with Aspergillus, it can lead to potential health hazards such as aspergilloma, the symptoms of which include:

  • Cough
  • Severe Fatigue
  • Bleeding Airway

If not treated at the right time, it could also lead to an invasive form of pulmonary aspergillosis. It is fatal to the one affected by the same. So, make sure you look for the signs of the presence of aspergillus mold before consuming weed. To ensure that you don’t get your hands on such moldy bud, make sure you place your order with a reliable service provider for same-day weed delivery, GTA.

There is a simple and easy-to-follow rule when consuming weed.

If you have an old bud, it might be good to go. You might see lower potency rate with instances of coughing or throat burns but that is about it with old bud. However, when talking about moldy bud, make sure you stay away from it.

Further, you need to ensure that the bud infected with mold is safely disposed of so that it doesn’t infect other buds or plants that might be growing in your lawn or outside.

How can mold be avoided in weed?

When buying weed from an online dispensary, the key is to go with a reputed seller. This will ensure that your bud has been dried and cured in the best way possible to avoid molding of any form. Service providers like Canna Weed GTA for weed delivery, Scarborough, same day, opt for stringent testing sessions to bring only the best weed products onboard.

So, how does proper curing and drying help your bud?

A weed bud that has been dried out and cured in the best possible way will help with these vital services, which include:

  • Breaking down of the chlorophyll within the bud
  • Improvement of the presence of cannabinoid
  • Reduction of any instances of rough or harsh inhale
  • Prevention of growth of mold

Now, you might ask what role chlorophyll reduction plays in the curing and drying process of weed. That being said, the lower the amount of chlorophyll present within your bud, the better its flavor and experience when being smoked. With a high chlorophyll presence, the weed might taste a bit grassy or woody. It will give you the same high but the after taste might not be something you like.

How can you identify old weed?

The first thing you need to check your old weed for is the presence of mold. The presence of mold is very prominent given the rusty smell they tend to release. If you feel that your weed is even remotely affected with mold, just throw it away. Now, let’s talk more about the old weed. In order to identify the old weed, you have to cross-check the weed against some factors which have been explained below.

  • Look:

Old bud tends to look brittle and brown like it was placed below the sun for far too long.

  • Smell:

A good weed that has been extracted just a day back will smell very pleasant & release aromas that are appropriate as per the strain (Diesel, Skunk, Mint, Fruit, Etc.). On the other hand, old weed will smell similar to the smell of an old house that hasn’t been opened for years.

  • Listen:

A fresh weed acquired from same day weed delivery, Scarborough, will break off with a snapping sound. However, bad or old weed will show a cracking pattern as opposed to snapping.

  • Taste:

Smoking weed becomes something out of the question if the adjoining taste is bad. So, with a flavor that doesn’t make your taste-buds go gaga, you can be assured that the weed is old.


We understand that weed tends to be costly, and throwing away could be hard for you. But, when it comes to health concerns related to mold-ridden bud, throwing it away is the only solution. To ensure that this doesn’t ever happen to you, make sure you order from reliable service providers for same-day weed delivery, North York.

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