2 Hour Weed Delivery in Toronto and across GTA

Apr 5, 2020

Are you looking for 1-2-3 Hour Weed Delivery in Toronto?

One of the best parts about living in Toronto is having a 2 hour weed delivery dispensary who can deliver the goods in the day or night.

Delivery solutions are a dime a dozen, especially with companies like UberEats and Skip The Dishes, getting food is no longer in question, but what about having marijuana when you want it? For instance, say you are getting home from work and you realize there is not a crumb to smoke in the entire house and everyone you know is asleep. That is why the Cannaweedgta.com are saviors to every busy, working person out there.During the weekend, running errands probably takes a total of about 6 hours of your free time. A couple of hours here, a couple there, and the majority of that is driving around. You realized that driving was taking up the majority of the time you would rather spend doing fun things. The weekend-only holds so much time, for things like working on homework, personal projects, or just doing nothing. That’s why I started taking at least some of the driving out of the equation.

During the covid-19 pandemic, it is safest to stay home and order your cannabis and have it delivered to your home mailbox or condo/building in 1-3 hours.

People are very thankful that there are people willing to bring you to weed with free delivery, they have your back.


The weed delivery service that Cannaweedgta.com offers is extraordinary and their 1-2-3 hour delivery time is impressive. Sure it means they aren’t banging on my door two seconds after you order, but the ease of it all is relieving. Not to mention, they take e-transfer, so there is little hassle over the payment process. Their central product is simply delivering flowers, but they also have concentrates and gummy bears for a more adventurous type.

The disposable pen that Cannaweedgta.com carries, the honey oil vape pen, is one of my favorite concentrates I have found thus far. It has .05 mL of their honey oil and yet it lasts a surprisingly long time because you don’t want to hit it too many times.

But overall, the taste and pull are so smooth that it will make you want to keep hitting it over and over until it is burning into nothingness. I like to add one or two of those onto an order with blueberry flowers, and then I am truly golden.

The Toronto weed delivery service that is making its way is Cannaweedgta.com, which even offers 10% off discount code for all weed orders. So if I only want to buy weed once a month, I can save that much more, which is something I really appreciate as a frugal person. Cannaweedgta.com also has some very interesting things that I look at and think, “how do I not order that? I have to try!”

Cannaweedgta.com also carries marijuana $120 oz, which comes in the general one-ounce size.

Weed available for $120 per oz

I also really enjoy their option to buy a 10 pack of pre-rolled joints. Joints are precisely the party favour I am known for, and now I can spend more time of getting ready and less on grinding a bunch of weed and then rolling a bunch of joints. And I am a perfectionist, so this actually saves me a ridiculous amount of time.

Order with Interac e-Transfer

interac e transfer logo

Rather than dealing in cash use E-Transfer, a simple, money-moving application that most people utilize when splitting dinner with friends. Which is very convenient because we don’t always have cash on us.

Smoking weed has become a large part of my lifestyle, and so attaining it will always be something I will have to do. What I don’t have to do anymore is go out and drive somewhere to get it. Ultimately, I greatly enjoy having the ability to have 1-2-3 hour marijuana delivery and is now one of the best parts about living in Toronto.

Cannaweedgta.com are doing a really great job at what they are doing, we are just here to share their love because it is something we can stand behind. And ordering CDB and THC teas is the next thing on my to-do list.

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